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Definitely Not Good
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21st Aug 2014, 7:10 AM
Well. This is embarrassing, isn't it?

You may have noticed my not-inconspicuous vanishing act over the last several months. Chances are the vast majority of my endlessly tolerant readers have long since moved on, which is totally an acceptable (not to mention, honestly, wondrously foresighted) turn of events. To those of you who parted ways long ago, should you ever pop back for nostalgia's sake (as I have been known to do, myself) with the same morbid curiosity that brought your wandering imagination to such an outdated comic in the first place, you pretty much made the right choice. Best to you, thanks for taking the time to read while you did. Rock on.

To those of you who, somehow, managed to keep checking with good hearted (or, in all statistical probability, stalker-hearted) loyalty to a poor wretched scribbled such as myself, you're all champs. Sad, loyal, Fry's-dog-levels-of-heartrendingly-devoted champs and I value you all.

That being said, here's where I disappoint you.

In a shocking turn of events, a situation involving family I had previously never contacted arose in my life right alongside other issues involving life, the (see: my) universe, and generally everything. Just... everything. In an effort to set aside my very nature and approach an emotion resembling emotional attachment in someone outside my very stringently pruned circle of personal friends, I took the opportunity to move across North America and meet some people with my blood.

The plan eventually involved bringing as little of Emily and I's belongings as possible and live close to my family on the West coast, working with them and working on stabilizing our situation. There were concerns about being outside of the States, but we were assured everything would be fine and not to worry. Trust was part of the experience (so I was informed), so we moved forward.

Several months later, after hastily returning to American soil with a breath of relief (which I would never have thought would happen in a sane world), priorities have... shifted. Writing had been my only outlet for the most part, and an old obsession rapidly consumed my time and focus. The story I had been casually fleshing out and preparing quickly became a sprawling science fiction series that I've been pouring myself into and has, frankly, taken over my free time. Free time which is increasingly shortened by a new job (y'know, to pay "dem billz", as I hear the modern nomenclature would have me say).

All-in-all, things are going pretty well right now... just not in terms of the comic. It's not over by any means (I've waaaaaay too much written on it by now), but for the time being I just can't put as much time into as I would need.

Oh, and I don't have a scanner. It's a bit of an issue.

I love "all y'all's" (again, common nomenclature) and all the time you've given to me already, but for now there comic flow is down to a trickle. Here there be little nourishment to be found, you must gather the tribe and bring them unto the internet wastelands. Bring them to the promised land.

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